On the 6th June 2009 Melissa took part in a 15 mile moonlight walk to raise money for Salisbury Hospice.
Melissa started this night time stroll at 12am from Five Rivers Leisure Centre in Salisbury with 500 others. Melissa jogged / ran /walked in light rain and at 1.30am reached her half way point at Sailsbury Hospice with time to grab a cereal bar before turning on her heel to jog / walk back to Five Rivers. At 2am the heavens opened with a downpour worthy of it's own medal with thunder and lightning to boot! Melissa was worried about the lightning!!! But the marshalls were still out there, so she carried on. At 2.30am dripping wet with puddles for tranners Melissa noticed the lack of other people but carried on regardless. At 3.15am Melissa reached her final finish point with a limp in her step (from her foot meeting metal pole incident I am sure you have all heard about) followed by concerned St. Johns Ambulance staff due to her limping and drowned rat apperance! Well Done!