After the advise of a friend to make walking up and down Danebury less boring but to also build of other muscle strengh I went to Danebury on Tuesday afternoon and confused a bunch of people.

I started by walking up and down 5 times from the gate to the pillar. Then after the 5th I got bored so started 50 5 50.
Take 50 steps stop and 5 push ups, another 50 steps stop and 5 squats, then walk to pillar and back down to bottom then another 50 steps stop and 5 sit ups, another 50 steps stop and 5 push up to plank. I did this routine a few times.

After a few goes I realise at the top of the hill a group of school children are watching me. I get to the top and the questions start. What are you doing? Why? Why? Why? Why? lol

The children have a comp. Who can get to the bottom the fastest! - Not ME!!!!

This has really spiced up my training. My arms hurt the next morning though! Guess its working.