The past 3 weeks have flown pass sorry I have not updated the blog for a while but alot has been happening.

5k Bike Ride was to kick it all off, I have the exercise bike in my room now. My bad weather / Dark night investment!
I took it easy with a 5k Bike ride warm up before my next little challenge.

10k Run 18th October for Cancer Research UK at Longlet. I have never been to Longlet before so did not realise quite how many hills were involved in this run! Great for the trainign though. I started the Run with my Aunt and her friend Steph, I didn't stay with them long (they were too fast for me)
I did the 10k in 1 Hour 21 Minutes a Minute faster than in London a few months back, with all the added hills I was impressed with myself. I won a medal, rasied some pennies for Cancer Research Uk and had some training all in one day.

15k Bike Ride after the 10k Run I decided 15k on the Bike wouldn't be too bad. Cheated and read my book while doing it. Alastair Humphreys book was a good read day dreaming of his cyle around the world while I sat in my room cycling on the spot!

20k Bike Ride - Numb Bottom!

10k Run - This Sunday I shall be taking part in The Stars Appeal 10k in Tidworth. I will let you know how it goes!