Al Humphreys has cycled around the world! Amazing feat of indurance and determination among other things!
The other day I recieved an email from Al with great words of encouragement for my Challenge. Al has also taken part in The Marathon des Sables which is known as “the toughest race on Earth”, running with all your food and kit for 150 miles through the Sahara desert. Raced across the Atlantic Ocean in the Cape2Rio yacht race.

Being cheeky I replied asking of he would like to donate one of his books for my raffle i'm planning to hold in december to raise money for The Countess of Brecknock. Last week I recieved a signed copy of his first book Moods of future joys to put into the raffle. So a huge Thank You to Al for the first raffle prize. I hope it will encouage who ever wins this book to take up a challenge of their own.

To read more on Al Humphreys you can find a link to his page on my Links page.