Well after a week off work very ill with an infection and banned from any training I was looking forward to the week family holiday in Cornwall.

We arrived in Cornwall at the Gwel an Mor lodge site in Portreath on Saturday. Me still on anti-biotics, Mum on anti-biotics for a chest infection and Alan with bad knee pains!
We arrived early so took a walk to the local beach where a run, swim, run was taking place very brave as the sea was very rough. I watched in amazement as children ran across the beach before swimming in the rough very cold sea around the rock back to the beach before another run to the finish.
We had an easy afternoon as none of us feeling great.

Sunday we got up and went to Gweek Seal Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is on a cliff face so lots of hills and walking involved! We then went onto Poldark Tin Mine where we took a miners tour of the Mine. We went down about 150 feet into the mine by staircase, very dark, cold, wet, spooky!! Again lots of walking... Then we went to Healey's Cider Farm, tasted some cider - prob not the best of ideas on anti-biotics but seen as they alreday made me spaced out and feeling drunk I didn't notice much difference. HELLO TO JENNY & FAMILY who we met at the Cider Farm Car Park. JENNY I hope you have been inspired enough to take up a challenge of your own! Then on to Newquay for dinner at The Fort Inn - Great Carvery.

Monday. I woke after not much sleep. Swollen neck glands, can't swallow, stiff neck, headache - HORRIBLE......
Today we had an easy day we went to Lands End - I had my photo taken at the famous white sign post with Kilimanjaro how many miles from Lands End to there and Jan 2010.... After I had it done I realised that the miles from Lands End to Kili was less than even the height of Kilimanjaro itself! I should have added the miles to the summit onto it also.
We went from there to see Minack Theatre. Lots of climbing steps there! We went onto Mousehole which is a little fishing village and then had dinner on our site.

I had shark... Mum tried some and said '' It tastes like chicken '' !!! I had to laugh....

Off to bed now hoping the glands are back to normal in the morning and i'm feeling much better.