We had a great day today selling home made cakes, raffle tickets, tombola tickets. Encouraging people to play games like Guess how many sweets in the jar? How much does Melissa's backpack weight? Name the Teddy!

We had a great turn out! Thank you to everyone who came along and a huge THANK YOU to all of you who I roped into giving up your Saturday afternoon to help!

Well done to everyone who took part in the Sponsored Kickbox-A-Thon who managed a whopping 13,069 kicks & punches, you all worked very hard and beat the total we set you so well done to you all!

Well done to Mr Takle of Matt Fiddes Martial Arts School for enduring the pain we all put you through! I think I saw a few tears! Mr Takle had his legs waxed for charity, but as if that wasn't enough pain for him he agreed to sell the wax strips to members of the public for them to have a go at causing him some pain! Thank you very much Mr T it was all worth it I promise you.

The children had fun getting their faces painted! The adults had fun getting their nails pained everyone joined in the fun!

Thank you to Maxine from Distinctive Impressions, Christine from Ceramic Cakes and Beverley Howard from Fifth Avenue Jewlery & Curves Ladies Only Fitness Centre for coming along and holding your stalls!

Thank you to Shed, Leanne, Steph, Helen, Jean, Clare, Ann, Cheryl, Rachel & Rachel for coming along and helping with the running of the stalls and setting up. Thank you Kate for face painting!

A huge Thank you to Donna Bell of Belle's Beauty for your continued support to my challenge. Thank you for donating your time, products & equipment!

Thank you Mr Takle & Mr Cox for the great kickboxing sessions you ran, all the chidlren & adults really enjoyed it!

A special THANK YOU to my Mum Jayne, Step Dad Alan, Auntie Sue, Auntie Trish & Dave for all your help, support over the past month of me organsing it all. Without your help and support it would never of happened! Thank you Auntie Sue for the amazing cakes you made!

In total we managed to raise an outstanding £519.66 for The Countess of Brecknock!