The other weekend I spent some time in London at The Royal Geographical Socity at an annual event called Explore. Over the course of the weekend I had the opportunity to use the reading room where the RGS store all their maps and books. I also attended several talks about exploring. I also took part in some workshops about travel writing, mountain climbing and education in travel.
On the friday eveing I attended a talk given by George McGavin. Dr George C. McGavin is an author, lecturer, television presenter and explorer. He is an Honorary Research Associate at the world famous Oxford University Museum of Natural History and The Department of Zoology of Oxford University. He is also Visiting Professor of Entomology at the University of Derby. George studied Zoology at Edinburgh University before completing a doctorate at the British Museum of Natural History and Imperial College, London. The lecture I attended is entitled "To the Ends of the Earth: exploration and biodiversity" and will highlighted Dr McGavin's studies as an entomologist as well as encompassing his series for the BBC such as the recently televised 'The Lost Land of the Volcano'.
Over the course of the weekend I met Tim Moss who I spoke to about his adventures - such as travelling Around the World in 80 Ways, climbing in Siberia and the London to Isle of Wight Triathlon - as well as the people he has helped undertake their own challenges, he gave me some great tips for my fundrasing.
I also met Alistair Humphreys who cycled around the world, It was great to meet him and thank him for the book he donated to the Kilimanjaro Raffle!

The whole weekend was topped off when Micheal Palin walked through the door of the theatre I was sat in! Micheal Palin started my travel adventures, my gran had all of his travel books and talked about him often, we would always watch his travel programmes on T.V. It was amazing to see him standing a few feet in front of me. Hopefully one day I will be able to talk to him, but just to see him made my weekend. He talked to us about travel and how we should all do whatever we can!

Looking forward even more to climbing Kilimanjaro now after this weekend of insperation.