On Friday 21st August I finished work early (2pm), collected my hiking companion (James) and started the long journey to Wales! We arrived at Mountain Farm Campsite at 10.30pm and set up camp in pitch black, while thunder, lightning and rain tried to prevent us.
My tinned Chilli Con Carni from Asda for under £1 warmed over the little camping stove was very nice! I went to sleep very tired from the longest drive I have ever done. The wind threatend to rip my tent down and the sheep Baa Baa Baa-ing didn't even stop me from a good sleep.

Woke at 6am  on Saturday to the noise of Baaaa Baaa Baa! Got packed up and drove to Pen-Y-Pass. By the time we got there the car park was packed and we had to drive back till we found a layby. Then start our walk back to Pen-Y-Pass!
By the time we started walking it was about 9am just gone.
We took the Miners Track, I really enjoyed the walk until just pass the Llyn Llydaw Resevoir when it started to get steeper and the rocks started to become harder to climb over, I did wonder where my ropes and harness were at one point!
The thing that stood out the most to me was how kind other walkers were! They were always willing to say hello, stopped and check you were ok or listen to stories of how in 5 months time you will be climbing Kilimanjaro!!! I must have bored many a walker that day!

Around 11.30am we finally reached the 1085m summit of Snowdon. The weather was great and the views were perfect!
I felt very proud to be at the summit.
Then I realised i'd have to climb this at least 4 more times to be the equivilant of Kilimanjaro. I'm glad that I don't need to do Kilimanjaro in a day!

We took the Llanberis pathway down for a different route. I must be honest though the thought of a nice Mountain Train ride down did appeal to me at this point! However I walked it, as I almost certain someone has not put a resturant, gift shop and mountain train on top of Kilimanjaro as yet?

For all of you who were wondering - Yes I did manage to hurt myself, you know me!!!! I fell over on the last half hour down. Yes, yes, yes, I do know the last hour is always the golden hour, I had told somebody who had fallen just before me ''It's always in the last hour you fall as your tired and want to get down'' with that my feet left the floor and my bottom met it!
I am now sporting a very nice bruised arm, it would help if people stopped poking it and saying ''ohhh does that hurt!''

Next time however I will be staying longer as driving there and back in 24hrs plus climbing it was very tiring.

Brilliant day. Thank you to all involved. Thank you to all the support. Thank you for all my sponsors so far keep them coming!
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P.S : Please take your rubbish home with you : )