Well I have tomorrow left before I board my 15 hour fight out to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro!

I went to the gym at Peak Fitness today and am feeling fit and healthy slight siffles but I think everyone has! The snow worried me a little today as they had been grounding flights last week with the snow, but today turned to mush quite fast!!

This eveing my family threw me a little surprise party! It was great I didn't have the faintest idea about it! It was lovely my Mum, Step Dad, Dave my Aunties and my cousins.
Dave brought me Flowers, my family all gave me good luck cards and my Auntie S. made me a Kilimanjaro Cake all layered with fairy cakes & Tea Cakes (my fav's) with a little Icing me at the top with a flag! I had a lovely evening so Thank You All !!!!

Tomorrow I will be packing my bag and getting last minute bits organised not sure about gym yet I will see tomorrow, i don't want to push myself too much before I go.

I will try let you know how the Bag packing goes! I'm sure it could be hard. 15kg for 2 weeks.

Raised £2,642.85p for The Countess of Brecknock Hospice so far!