Kilimanjaro Chrsitmas Fundraiser

November 28, 2009
Kilimanjaro Christmas Fundraiser
Saturday 5th December 2009
John Hanson School
From 2 til 4 pm

Come along and join in the fun !

Raffle, Tombola, Name the Teddy, Guess how many Sweets in the Jar?, Nail Painting, Massages plus much more!

Matt Fiddes Martial Arts School will be attempting 11,800 kick & punches in a Sponsored Kickbox-A-Thon!

Also the chance to Win a Hot Air Balloon Ride or Two tickets to the British Touring Car Championships at Thruxton.

Free entry

Fun packed afternoon in aid of The Countess of Brecknock Hospice


Micheal Palin

November 28, 2009

The other weekend I spent some time in London at The Royal Geographical Socity at an annual event called Explore. Over the course of the weekend I had the opportunity to use the reading room where the RGS store all their maps and books. I also attended several talks about exploring. I also took part in some workshops about travel writing, mountain climbing and education in travel.
On the friday eveing I attended a talk given by George McGavin. Dr George C. McGavin is an author, lecturer, telev...

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Contact Me

November 18, 2009
You can contact me on :

Follow me on Twitter : Melissa J Tucker -

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Up Hill Lunges !

November 12, 2009
On Tuesday this week I called into Danebury Hill on my way home from work in Salisbury.

I decided to make things harder by every 50 paces up the hill I would stops and do 10 Lunges. Every 50 paces down the hill I would stop and do 10 squats! After 2 up and down from the gate to the pillar I changed it.

50 Paces 5 Lunges 50 paces 10 lunges 50 paces 15 lunges 50 paces 20 lunges turn walk back down 50 paces 5 squats 50 paces 10 squats 50 paces 15 squats 50 paces 20 squats. After 5 up and down the ...
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Tanzanian Visa

November 5, 2009
I have just had all the information in how to get my visa for Tanzania.

Not long now. Injections are booked for the end of this month and begining of next. Maleria Tablets are on order.
Last few pieces of kit needed being added to my christmas list! Not long now.......

Raised £1,192 so far. Keep that sponsorship coming !!!
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50 Steps 5 Push Ups

November 5, 2009
After the advise of a friend to make walking up and down Danebury less boring but to also build of other muscle strengh I went to Danebury on Tuesday afternoon and confused a bunch of people.

I started by walking up and down 5 times from the gate to the pillar. Then after the 5th I got bored so started 50 5 50.
Take 50 steps stop and 5 push ups, another 50 steps stop and 5 squats, then walk to pillar and back down to bottom then another 50 steps stop and 5 sit ups, another 50 steps stop and 5 p...
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Tidworth 10k

November 2, 2009
Woke up early to the sound of rain. Pulled the duvet over my head and hoped it would stop!
An hour later I got up and the rain was still coming down, wind blowing. and every piece of my body screaming no to me.
I got myself ready in my shorts and running shoes, cut some holes into a bin liner and hoped for the best.
I drove to Tedworth House in the pouring rain saying to myself it will stop soon. I expected to arrive and find myslef the only crazy person to have got out of bed on a sunday mornin...
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5k 10k 15k 20k 10k

October 29, 2009

The past 3 weeks have flown pass sorry I have not updated the blog for a while but alot has been happening.

5k Bike Ride was to kick it all off, I have the exercise bike in my room now. My bad weather / Dark night investment!
I took it easy with a 5k Bike ride warm up before my next little challenge.

10k Run 18th October for Cancer Research UK at Longlet. I have never been to Longlet before so did not realise quite how many hills were involved in this run! Great for the trainign though. I starte...

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Win a Hot Air Balloon Ride

October 13, 2009
Would you like a Hot Air Balloon ride?
Well you can have the chance of being entered into a prize draw to win this breath taking prize worth £145.

To find out more look at the events page of this site.

Good Luck

Thank You to Toucan Travel who have donated this prize.
All monies raised will go to The Countess of Brecknock Hospice Andover.
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Cornwall Holiday Part 2

October 13, 2009
Tuesday woke up still feeling ill. It's wet outside. But I'm on holiday so i'll make the most of it.
We went to Eden Project for the day. I must have walked for miles, the place is huge. Well worth a visit.
I had fun training in the Rainforest Dome! It was boiling hot, Brilliant place to train for the Rainforest section on Kilimanjaro. We spent the best part of the day walking.
We went to Treasure Park after Eden. I had a try at winning a £1,000 Diamond. There was a Pyramid full of sand and you...
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