Today I had a full day working at the gym at Salisbury, when I finshed work I decided to call in to Danebury Hill for a quick walk.
I told myself I had to at least do 5 walks from the gate to the triangulation pillar and back. I arrived at Danebury around 6.45pm and ended up walking up and down 10 times. I would have kept going but got hungry after my long day at work.

I got home to find an very exciting email from Paul Deegan. Paul has loads of experience in mountaineering, trekking and remote travel.
This began 20 years ago when he co-led a 47-strong expedition to Everest to clean up a mountain of rubbish at Base Camp.
Over the next 15 years he made three attempts to climb to the summit of the world's highest peak, one of which took place during the infamous 'Into Thin Air' storm. In May 2004, Paul's persistence paid off when he finally reached the top of the world.
Paul is somebody who I have looked upto for a while now and to recieve an email actually from him not someone writing on his behalf was amazing. Then to read that he has looked at this web page and even read my blog!!!!
Paul has sent me an email full of advise and tips which I appreciate very much.
I hope one day I get the chance to meet Paul and thank him in person for cheering up my day and all his advise.