Sunday morning my body wondered what I was doing when I got out of bed early and dragged it to the gym!

Andy Lavery from Peak Health & Fitness Club gave me an induction to extra thing's I could be doing to prepare for Kilimanjaro! With only 5 weeks left before I go I really need to pack in some training to make sure i'm as fit as I can be.
Andy showed me some great things that I wouldn't have thought of doing!

Monday afternoon I had to skip the gym for my Yellow Fever & Typhoid Injections. They went better than I thought.

Tuesday afternoon saw me back down the gym after work! I ran through the things Andy suggested for me and realise I really do need to keep the trining up and realise also how much I missed when arranging the Fundraiser last weekend. Back on the training now and need to work myself hard. After the gym I felt so good I even came home and had a static bike ride infront of the TV!

Wednesday I worked in salisbury till late and by the time I got home the gym was shut. Need to learn to get up earlier!
New Years resolution I think.

Today I have been at work. I am just waiting to meet with some girls from the Andover Advertiser before getting back to work. I will try to fit in the gym if its not shut when I finsih work. If not I will be using the exercise bike instead.

Things are going well, raising much needed money for the Hospice just hope I can prepare myself enough as not long left to go now.

Wish me luck!

P.S Get well soon to Andy from Peak who managed to rip his peck muscle from the bone on Monday! Hope its feeling better soon!