Swine Flu, Pig Flu, Hog Flu whichever you prefer to call it.
Well it caught up with me and it hit me bad. I hoped all the fitness training and fruit would keep it away, but it beat me.
I have spent the last week in bed unable to lift a finger this FLU is horrible. Cold, Cough, Headaches, Body ache, poo-ing! (dave wanted me to say that) and for the past few days I have had the feeling someone has been sat on my chest but I have been assured that, that is not the case.
Yesterday I started to feel a little better. Until that is I moved then I was punished with dreadful chest pains n coughing fits. You would have thought I learnt my lesson but no again this evening I though I felt better then BAM it hit me.
So as for my training this week, well Monday I tried to beat it and went to kickboxing I really thought I was going to die. Bad move really, but I just thought I had a bad cold. My instructor has informed me though that, yes it was a very hard session, but he thinks doing it with swine flu was Hard Core! I just have to agree ha ha.
So the training for this week is getting downstairs and back and that is a struggle right now.
Hoping for a full recovery to get back to work next week so fingers crossed for me!