Woke up early to the sound of rain. Pulled the duvet over my head and hoped it would stop!
An hour later I got up and the rain was still coming down, wind blowing. and every piece of my body screaming no to me.
I got myself ready in my shorts and running shoes, cut some holes into a bin liner and hoped for the best.
I drove to Tedworth House in the pouring rain saying to myself it will stop soon. I expected to arrive and find myslef the only crazy person to have got out of bed on a sunday morning in this weather but I was wrong and found lots of people already there trying to shelter from the rain.
I picked up my race top and went down to the starting line. Some very brave youngsters had already ran 3k in the wind and rain with their mums & dads running alongside them. A gentelman had even gone round the muddy track in his wheelchair.

All the 10k runners were called to the starting line. We did our warm up on the rain getting soaking wet and covered in mud before we had even started. There were alot of people and the front runners were called out to the starting line. I edged my way back!
We counted down and set off. I set off well in my gloves n little jacket but found myself too hot even before the 1st K. I had to try and strip off some top layers but keep running. I ended up in a tangled mess and had to stop to sort myself out. By this point I was already being over taken by lots of people.

The first water point at 3k I grabbed some water and was even offered some sweets from a tub! Yum Yum thank you!
Shortly afterwards feeling I was doing well I noticed a man running towards me, first of all I thought I wonder what he dropped then I realised that he was actually on his way back and had already almost finished the course!!!!! Oh my god and I have only just really got started.
Soon after lots more runners kept coming past on there way back to the finish. How I just wanted to turn and run back with them!

By the time I got to Sidbury Hill I had had just about enough! Covered in mud soaking wet n slipping and slidding everywhere. Tons of people had passed me, I bet they were by then back home having a nice warm bath a good cuppa tea! Keep on going keep on going. You have to bet your time. Keep on going.

The next few K went past in a blur, thanks to all the solders who kept saying... not far now, down hill from here, I knew they were lying but it was nice to hear anyway. the clapping n encouragement from them kept me going.
The next water point and Jelly Babies, yum yum again thank you!!!

Thank you to the couple who were running with me most of the way, before our chat I was ready to ask for a lift back in the next van I saw lol.... It was nice to chat I wasn't far behind you across the finish.

Towards the end there was a very nice elderly gentelman who was doing better than I was thats for sure. It was really nice to run the last K to the finish with him. We even held hands across the finish line! Thank you for making my day. You did a great job, I'm sorry I forgot to ask your name but if you ever read this you know who you are!

With a cheer across the finish line, a lovely chocolate rice krispie cake, a can of red bull, bottle of water and my dog tag medal the run was all worth it in the end!

I hope the small amount I managed to raise for Stars Appeal will help in some way.

I enjoyed the morning, the rain didn't put me off too much and I won my 5th Medal for this year!