On Tuesday this week I called into Danebury Hill on my way home from work in Salisbury.

I decided to make things harder by every 50 paces up the hill I would stops and do 10 Lunges. Every 50 paces down the hill I would stop and do 10 squats! After 2 up and down from the gate to the pillar I changed it.

50 Paces 5 Lunges 50 paces 10 lunges 50 paces 15 lunges 50 paces 20 lunges turn walk back down 50 paces 5 squats 50 paces 10 squats 50 paces 15 squats 50 paces 20 squats. After 5 up and down the hill I was too hungry and decided to go home.

My legs are still killing me today!!! Ahhhhhh

I am starting at Peak Health Fitness on Thursday next week! Andy is sponsoring me the use of his gym to get me in shape for Kilimanjaro! I shall let you know how it goes and the bad weather is no longer an excuse anymore!!!!

This weekend I am off to London on my tod to meet some amazing people! I am attending the RGS Explore 2009.
The Royal Georgaphical Socitey hold the Explore event each year for adventureres, climbers, artic exploriers and many more to met up and discuss there adventures. I am hoping to me some of the people who I have read about in books and who have insired my travels to date!

I shall let you know who I meet and how it all goes.