Sunday 5th July - This morning I was taken on a 6 mile walk by my own personal trainner (James)
We went to Vernham Dean in Hampshire. 
Anyway we walked for 6 miles in the country side, trying out my walking boots for the first time since I brought them and wore them to Lepe accidently finding out that YES they are waterproof.
It took us 3 hours to walk 6 miles - ok ok so it took me 3 hours I am sure James could have done it faster if it wasn't for me and my short legs.
Returning home after to soak my legs in vingar - I know it doesn't help with walking aches and pains but it sure helped the nettle stings covering my whole legs.
Could who ever maintains these country trails remember to cut back nettles!
Anyway great fun was had by all. Thank You James see you soon for Danebury Hill running and Snowdon climbing!